The institutions that we have historically expected to handle human displacement crises — governments and international organizations — are overwhelmed. The Tent Partnership seeks to confront this strain by:

  • Communicating

    Communicating that the private sector is committed to ending the refugee crisis and deserves a seat at the table alongside governments and international organizations.

  • Inspiring

    Inspiring businesses that are not currently supporting refugees to consider making such support a valued component of their corporate social responsibility.

  • Promoting

    Promoting greater collaboration among businesses, and among businesses, NGOs and the public sector, to improve the quality of refugees’ lives.


Becoming a Tent Partnership Partner enables businesses to:

  • Foster

    Foster greater public awareness of the private sector’s vital contributions to refugees.

  • Participate

    Participate in confidential sharing, learning and collaboration among businesses engaged in refugee-related efforts. Partners will have access to a virtual community for collaboration and will be invited to in-person convenings organized by Tent.

  • Maximize

    Maximize the aggregate impact of the private sector on human displacement crises by amplifying individual company efforts through a unified private sector voice.

Join Us

To join the Tent Partnership for Refugees, businesses must commit to supporting the refugee-related efforts through one or more of the following:

  • Direct Giving or Provision of Goods or Services

    Businesses may make direct donations or provide support through in kind goods or services.

  • Generating Employment Opportunities

    Businesses may either hire refugees or provide refugees with skills training or employment assistance.

  • Shaping Supply Chains

    Businesses may source products and services from vendors that employ refugees or support refugee relief organizations.

The Tent Partnership for Refugees seeks to recognize businesses’ current refugee-related efforts and inspire new efforts.